Touch For Health

What is Touch For Health? 

Touch For Health was founded by Dr. John Thie as a way to bring advanced chiropractic knowledge into the hands of any person seeking greater wellness.  It uses biofeedback to isolate muscles and check for optimum performance, then applies corrections to strengthen any muscles that are underperforming.  By doing this, it can create a wonderful ease in maintaining an upright posture, and provide great relief for aches and pains.

What to Expect

A Balance session can be done as a standalone treatment, or in conjunction with a massage.  Balances are done standing and clothed.  During a balance, the client and practitioner will perform a series of exercises to check the strength of a number of muscles, then we will apply corrections to strengthen those muscles.  There are a few different types of corrections, but they generally consist of holding specific points on the body for a short time, then checking the muscle again to make sure that it has been strengthened.

Goal Balancing

While Touch For Health balances are wonderful in providing physical relief, they can also incorporate a deeper benefit.  At the start of each session, I give my clients the option of creating a Goal to balance around.  This goal can be anything- pain relief , increased energy, improving relationships,  or even specific goals like nailing that job interview.  Throughout the session, we balance the muscles while thinking of your goal to release the mental and emotional stress along with the physical.

Neurolymphatics, Key Points, Meridians...?

There is a whole lot to be explored in Touch For Health Balance sessions.  If you'd like to learn more, give me a call, or better yet, schedule an appointment!

Every time I have a Balance, I leave the session brighter, stronger,  and clearer.  I have been blown away by the impact that even a single session can have in bringing relief and joy to clients.  I would be honored to introduce you to this beautiful wellness modality!